Barefoot Bowling

Barefoot Bowling

Barefoot bowling has come of age

It provides a perfect backdrop for a great afternoon of fun. Everyone can join in, you can team up family against family, friends against friends , just rollup on your own or with your partner

Have a picnic in our tree covered grassed areas 

The children don't miss out either, we have little bowls for little hands

All we need is you - in bare feet or flat-soled shoes.

Never played before See the basics below

Saturday sessions start at 1 pm with a maximum of 4 hours
Sunday sessions start 1 pm with a maximum of  4 hours
On both above days the BBQ is FREE to use until 5pm 
(Bring your own meat and sides)


Cost:   $10 per head

Children: $5 per head

Everything you need is supplied (mats, bowls and jacks)
Bookings are essential and require a 50% deposit to guarantee the day
Just phone us to make a booking
Again - we have plenty of parking with a fine clubhouse and a bar that offers a large range of ice-cold beers, soft drinks etc 


The basics of lawn bowls

Team: organize yourselves into teams of one on one, two against two, three against three or four against four

Rink: area in which play takes place, usually a  strip of the green, bounded by boundary pegs

Centre line: the line down the centre of the rink

Jack: small white ball, rolled out along the centre line, idea is to get bowls as close as possible to it

Bowls: the balls used by the player, up to four each, designed with a "bias" causing them to curve as they slow

Bias: the side of the ball with a smaller circle inscribed, is the side that it will curl towards

Mat: placed on the centre line, players stand on it to bowl

Starting: team that wins toss (the "Leads") - bowl the Jack, then one of other team (the "Skips") place ball on centre line

The bowling

  • Stand on the mat, feet together, knees and waist bent slightly

  • Take ball in your preferred hand (right or left), remembering to decide "bias"

  • Step out with your opposite foot (left or right)

  • Take a small back swing

  • Bend down and roll bowl along the ground

  • Roll it out at an angle, so the bowl curves back towards jack (see basics)

  • Avoid dropping or bouncing bowl so as not to damage green


Draw shot: A slow, measured, finessed bowl trying to end closest to the jack

Drive shot: A harder, faster bowl used to try to knock other players' bowls away



  • The player who has their bowl or bowls closest to the jack wins

  • Points are awarded according to the number of bowls closest

  • Players judge the distance and number by eye

  • If in dispute, a measuring tape is employed

  • If still in dispute, an umpire is called in to resolve

Above all - Just have fun!!

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